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TRIVOLUTION is a software house & consultancy whose main mission is to fulfill the dreams of entrepreneurs and their ambitions to disrupt industries with a simple, flexible and more cost-effective approach that adapts to their needs. No matter what stage of ideation they may be in or how complex their company pain points are, we will provide our best to help them through the entire product journey and help to build their business.

With more than 14 years of experience in developing digital products using the latest technology, you can completely rely on our ability to design and develop unique digital solutions to transform your business into the digital world. So your business will be more competitive to win in the market competition.



No need to worry of surprise delay at the end of project or ambiguous result! in TRIVOLUTION we let you know everything within the project from the start till the end of the project so there will be no hidden threat and unpleasant surprise.


We will work on requirements, costs,  timescales and risks collaboratively, and keep you updated every step of the way! so everyone is on the same page and same goals!

Clear Path

Before we get to work, we create a plan of actions. the plan contain what we will be doing to achieve the goals, so once the project starts we are not going to take unnecessary steps!

Expert Solution

Our team is made up of some of the best talent. Coupled with an experienced core team of project managers, UX/UI designers and software engineers. we provide the best team that fit to the project.

Deliver Quality in a Timely Manner

We are not only delivering the final product. More than that, we ensure the product has an amazing quality on time and on budget. No hidden cost!

team leader

Our team is led by awesome leaders who have more than 9 years experience in the digital industry and 14 years experience in digital product development.

Anang Zakiyaman

Co-founder, CEO

6+ years of experience in frontend and backend environment for various projects from medium to high scale. prior TRIVOLUTION spent 3 years as Lead Engineer specialized for KPIs related to revenue and monetization in biggest Online Classifieds in Indonesia

Fandy Gotama

Co-founder, CTO

14+ years experience working with Android and iOS since Cupcake and iOS 2.x, experienced also as a full stack web developer (PHP, Perl, Python). prior TRIVOLUTION spent 6 years in biggest Online Classifieds in Indonesia build Android and iOS from scratch as well as established the team.