How we work?

Our approach is fun, up to date, and methodical

So what is the difference between our service and other software houses ? it’s our approach. We tackle our challenge and complete our projects with fun, up to date technologies, and methodical


UX & UI Research

Designing it’s not just how the product looks beautiful and fantastic, but also how the user feels the experience. We start with customer journeys. When they can tell their story, what they want, and how they get that. From that customer journey, we build prototypes and we do research how they feel about it.

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Project Management

All you have to do is relax, tell us what you want and what’s your problem. Our project manager will break it down into just pieces of cake. With our experiences we build prototypes based on your problem and you can try it. If any problem or something doesn’t fit, you raise your hand and talk to us. Our project manager will orchestrate the developers with your problem so we make something that fit to you and your customers.

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Technology Stack

You don’t know about Technology Stack ? Relax, our specialist and experienced developer will formulate what technologies suit your problem. We will mix up to date technologies and make your product running well. So you don’t have to think out loud about what technologies you should use for your product. Take a coffee, relax, and we'll let you know if we need anything.

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Quality Management

Are you worried about our work quality ? Before we deliver it to you we ensure that the products have top notch quality. Our Quality Assurance will test the product based on customers behaviour and possible cases that might occur. You can also suggest what will happen and how your customers behave.

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Launch and Deployment

Is everything okay ? Alright, it’s time to launch your product!. We will help you to launch your product and then your customer can enjoy your product. Oh no, there’s bugs!. Don’t worry, we also offer free maintenance within a certain period. We will fix the bugs and make it in the air again. Your customer will be happy and your customer will enjoy your product seamlessly.

Tools and technologies we have fun with