Monthly Managed

Recruiting, kitting out, maintaining and retaining your own in-house design and engineering team often doesn’t make economic or practical sense. Fortunately, you don’t need to. We’ve a simple answer – well we would, wouldn’t we? For a fixed monthly cost, you can get guaranteed access to our dedicated team of experts.

Our Monthly Managed Services Contracts are a highly efficient and cost-effective way of ensuring you have the design and development expertise you need every day.

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Dedicated project team

All the benefits of an in-house team minus the set-up cost, space management and staff engagement.

Expertise on tap

Access to an TRIVOLUTION design and engineering team that’s expert in your products and associated technologies.

Allocated project manager

Someone who will know your work inside and out and provide regular updates to suit you.


We lock in your time with our team, so your projects will always be given the attention they deserve.

Fixed monthly costs

Our Monthly Managed Services Contracts make budgeting easy, so you always know where you are.

Collaborative and flexible

No inflexible specification – the freedom to adapt to changing priorities and implement new creative ideas.

Total transparency

Full access to our project management system to see completed work and time tracked.

what exactly does it cover?

Our Managed Services contracts give you a set number of days of resources each month. Where ours differ is that you get all the following TRIVOLUTION expertise and support when you need it

  • Solution design and architecture consultancyour multi-discipline expertise in designing your product’s architecture.
  • Defining requirements and deliverables working in close collaboration with you to validate your ideas and define your specifications.
  • Project managementyour PM will ensure that we’re working in efficiency, keeping you always updated.
  • UX / UI designmaking sure your product not only looks great, but is more importantly simple and intuitive to use.
  • Cloud software engineeringexpertly building and designing the database, developing the business logic and providing API end-points.
  • Web development building web apps.
  • Native iOS / Android developmentbuilding operating system-specific apps.
  • End user testingensuring that the system performs as expected for all end users.
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How does it works

You’ll be immediately impressed by how leanly and efficiently our Monthly Managed Services Contracts run. The price is fixed for the entire term of the contract and we have a raft of tools and processes in place to ensure a smooth and efficient set-up and operation. Throughout, we are in constant communication and never go silent on you.

Initial set-up

First, we set-up a dedicated sprint backlog and dashboard in JIRA. You and your stakeholders are given access and this is how together we can all track and manage all our work.

Ideas, requests and estimates

Whenever you want something, or want to contribute ideas, you can add them to the sprint backlog. Alternatively, you can always email them and we’ll add them for you – whichever works best for you.

Once we’ve received your requests, we’ll review them out in the sprint backlog and provide transparent estimates to help you decide what your priorities are.

Bi-Weekly meeting

Our bi weekly sprint planning sessions are an essential part of our Monthly Managed Services Contracts. It’s here where, together, we review the previous sprint work and your business priorities. 

We can have a face-to-face meeting or a call – whichever you prefer. During the session, we’ll agree and add the tasks to your sprint plan. Naturally, your Project Manager will provide updates throughout the end of a sprint and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tracking and real-time reporting

Time is a valuable commodity – in addition to our expertise, it’s what attracts our clients to our Monthly Managed Services Contracts. That’s why time tracking is so important. 

All our customer success and engineering staff working in your dedicated Managed Services team accurately track the time spent on each task. This gives you a detailed breakdown of how your time has been spent.