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Product Development

Software, website and app development is a complex creative and technical process. If you’re not methodical and disciplined, costs can escalate and deadlines get missed. That’s why we offer a forward-thinking Product Development that gives a clear timeline through every stage to completion.

Detailed proposal

Everything is set out clearly in writing from software functionality to delivery.

Full timing plan

Projected timeline helps everyone understand key milestones and delivery dates.

Dedicated team

You are assigned a dedicated Project Manager to orchestrate engineers and designers.

User stories

Our Product Development proposals are based around clearly defined and agreed user stories and acceptance criteria.

All designs

Our proposals are fully inclusive of all project design work by our team of inspirational designers.

All developments

Access to our team of experienced and highly technical software developers and engineers.

Rigorous testing

The final software, website or app is extensively tested for usability and stability prior to launch.

Where do we start and what can you expect?

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Initial briefing

We start as all good relationships do, with an initial briefing meeting including key members of your team and ours. Face-to-face usually works best, but if that’s not possible, we’re happy to host a video or audio conference call. This is where we have the chance to get to know you, probe issues and get a deep understanding of your business, the project’s objectives and challenges. We’ll offer strategic and consultative advice and share our thoughts on how to achieve your goals.

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Proposal creation

Once we’ve had a chance to gather all the information and our thoughts, we’ll then concentrate on putting together our proposal. This will contain everything from the time estimated to complete the project and a fixed cost to precisely what your software will do. Our proposal will be highly-detailed and it will act as a template for our team of designers and engineers to create your final software, app or website solution. The proposal breaks your project down into modules or screens and acceptance criteria which describe exactly what each user type can do.

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Proposal sign-off

Ensure you’ve read, understand and agree with the proposal, fixed price and timings fully before signing it off. Your Account Manager will be in touch once you’ve had time to digest everything. Need changes? No problem, we’ll update and resubmit the proposal as many times as it takes to achieve your 100% satisfaction with every aspect of it. It has to be right as this is the document we’ll work to.

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Project Managers

Give us the green light and our dedicated Project Manager and your elected Project Manager work together to take the project forward. You should choose your Project Manager carefully. Someone at your end who understands the project, will oversee the project and will be our single point of contact. Together, we’ll keep things moving and the project running like clockwork. Having this one direct contact keeps things simple, clear communications and avoids potential complications.

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Designing the journey

Before a single line of code is written, we design the user journey based on the user stories and acceptance criteria agreed and signed off in the proposal. It’s essential that we invest time at this initial stage in understanding, developing and refining the user experience. We work closely with you when designing your software, working with your existing branding and marketing or creating a fresh brand style. After a meeting with you to discuss design ideas, one of our designers will come back and present our initial concepts. Design workshops are also the perfect opportunity to get your comments and discuss your thoughts on our designs. Once final designs are refined and signed off, we can begin prototyping.

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UI Prototyping

Our experienced UX designers take the signed off designs and create a full user interface prototype. This enables you to experience all the journeys users take around your app or website. Each screen mimics how a screen on the finished site or app will look and function. All buttons will link to the relevant pages. We then take your feedback and tweak the prototype. If something you ask for won’t work from a design perspective we’ll let you know why and suggest an alternative solution. Again, it’s important that you’re completely happy that the designs match the agreed user stories and acceptance criteria in the proposal before you sign the design prototype stage off and we begin the build.

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Building the Product

Our engineers use international best practice standards during development to speed up the process, reduce bugs in code, and make the code more readable and maintainable. The result is cleaner software.

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Back-End Dev

Happy with how your app looks and feels? Signed the build off? Our back-end engineers take care of what it actually does using the programming language you choose. PHP, Node.js, Java, Kotlin, you name it; or you can leave it to us. Our expertise will select the best language based on your business needs. We make sure that your app and web can survive high traffic by implementing caching strategy using elastic search and redis, and are highly available using carefully designed server architecture that match your needs.

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Pre-launch tests

We never launch a piece of software without thoroughly testing it. Our internal testing team will exhaustively check the fully developed site against the agreed acceptance criteria and the signed-off prototype. Wherever possible, we sign-off each module as it’s completed and pass this to you to review module-by-module. We test every aspect of the software and test websites across Google Chrome v58+, Edge v14+, Internet Explorer v11, Firefox v53+, Safari v10+ and Opera v49+. Apps are tested on the operating system they’re built for, i.e. An iOS App will be tested on an iPhone and iPad. Any faults are rectified within 7 working days.

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