Building a marketplace for customers to meet their beauty artisan of choice.


Beauty Artisans, especially the new one, currently do not have a proper platform to promote their service. Most of them use Instagram to sell their services and products with more than a thousand competitors ranging from junior to senior. It’s very challenging for them to find the customer as they usually go with the one with more experience.

Customers who want to use the service also find it difficult to book a trusty beauty artisan and match their schedule with them.

Both need a trusted platform where Beauty Artisan both junior and senior can compete on the same stage and Customers can book them with confidence and ease.

The Brief

We were briefed to create a platform where beauty artisans can sell their services in these categories: Hairdo, Nail Art, Henna, Hijab and Makeup. Beauty Artisans will be checked and verified during the registration process to make sure they are capable.

On the customer side, they need a platform to search the service they want to book, find nearby artisan and the platform will check the artisan schedule if they are available or not automatically. Not only that, the platform also allows customers to create custom booking for their event and interested artisans can compete and bid the request.


The challenge in building the BeautyBell platform was in creating a seamless end to end marketplace with user-friendly functionality for browsing and bidding. It needs to be accessible for both customers and beauty artisans. The whole process, including service and pricing needed to be transparent and straightforward.

The end product needs to work cohesively as a marketplace solution. The customer needs to find the platform engaging and easy to navigate, as well as experiencing a seamless booking and ordering process. Beauty Artisan needed to be able to quickly manage their booking and schedule on their side.


The BeautyBell Platform harmonises the relationship between customer and artisan experience, with a platform structure that gives equal precedence to both. We built a cloud-based solution which benefits from real-time ordering and scheduling functionality to deliver a smooth experience to users. Full detail of customer request and book, as well as prompts to view new custom requests are available in the beauty artisan platform. Artisan can also view their current and upcoming schedule using a sophisticated integrated Google Calendar solution.

Customers can look for nearby available artisan or search for specific services they want to use. The platform will automatically check whether artisan are available on a given date and notify the customer. Customers can also create a custom request for their event and see all the bids from interested artisan and choose which artisan suited them most.

Throughout the platform the pricing details are transparent, no hidden cost. Every action from both parties will be notified using push notifications so they can respond immediately.

BeautyBell Administrator can keep track of the booking, including the details how many bookings have been created, how many cancellations and how much payment has been made through the platform to date. Payment from the auctions is managed through an integration with the payment gateway, which allows customers to pay for the service through the platform.

Key Features

Integration with Google Calendar
Integration with Xendit Payment Gateway

Standard Features

Google Analytics
Native Apps
W3C AA Standard
OWASP Standard