Transforming offline retail to digital using tailor made e-commerce systems to match their business needs.


THE GOODS DEPT is one of the leading retail for fashion and lifestyle from Indonesian and International brands. They have a mission to bring high quality local products to compete with international products.


Anton Wirjono, co-founder has great vision on how THE GOODS DEPT will look like in the future. He shared his vision with us and we agree that the combination between offline and digital is a way to go. We came up with a decision to deliver his vision with multiple projects. First project is to build a custom ecommerce platform as a foundation. Not only that, the system should be fast, scale during high traffic and easy to use by both customers, admin and their vendors.

Multiple Challenges

The project started just one month before the pandemic hit. Time to launch suddenly becomes critical. We need to create an end-to-end e-commerce platform in a short period of time.

Challenge 1

We need to deliver both native iOS and Android App and Responsive Web within 3 months to divert declining sales from offline to online. At the same time we need to make sure that there is no major critical issue and bad UX which can cause order not happening.

Challenge 2

The platform should be able to handle a wide range of THE GOODS DEPT products from fashion to hobbies, each with different information and details.

Challenge 3

The platform should be functioning as a marketplace (multi-vendor) as well, and thus it must be able to handle payment and order process smoothly from buyer and to multiple seller.


First, in order to publish the web and app within the time constraint we split the project into multiple timelines. Minimum e-commerce functionality is the target in the first milestone. Unique and exciting functionality which allow users to engage more to the platform such as loyalty and marketplace will be available at a later stage.

We set the project management to run in back to back with detailed flow and user story, this is to make sure that the development progress stays in line with minimum delay. We also used a high-risk approach at that time to cut mobile development time by 30% and yet still achieve native looks and quality.

We designed the platform so that it could handle various items with different details and multiple product images. Not only that each item could also have custom attributes and variants. We also built a simple automated spreadsheet upload for sellers to add their products in bulk, in seconds.

Handling payment and order are also critical. We designed the payment with security in mind. Payments from buyers are held in an escrow account until they receive the product. Simple but fair.

Key Features

Integration with Anteraja & RajaOngkir Third Party Logistic
Integration with Midtrans Payment Gateway
Full e-commerce & marketplace solution
Highly customisable voucher and bank promotion
Built for high traffic

Standard Features

Social Media Integration
Google,Facebook Analytics and SEO
Mobile Responsive Web
Native Apps